On-Site Steel Containers

On-Site Storage Containers

     Transit Steel Buildings Inc. offers on-site storage containers delivered within 24 – 48 hours. We offer up-front pricing and have no hidden costs. Our containers are ground level so ease of access is never a problem. All of our containers are water tight. Whether you need storage, office space, or even a combination of both, we have the solution that is right for you.

     We have standard 20’, 26′, and 40’ cube storage containers available. Cubic feet for each container is approximately:

  •  Standard 20’ – 1,150 cu. Ft.
  •  Standard 26′ –  1,463 cu. Ft. (Includes Pipe Racks)
  •  Standard 40’ – 2,400 cu. Ft.


Office Units

We now offer complete office units. These units are great for lunch and break rooms, safety meetings, offices, and more. Our current standard sizes are:

  •  20′
  •  40′

     They are available as fully outfitted offices with or without storage. Our office models come standard with:

  •  Electricity on a breaker system
  •  Built-in desk
  •  Filing cabinet
  •  Dry erase board
  •  Heater with a thermostat
  •  Air conditioning
  •  Full Insulation
  •  Windows for ventilation
  •  Lighting
  •  Shelving (Combo Units come with large shelves)


     We offer wooden shanties which are great for guard houses, lunch and break rooms, safety meetings, and temporary storage. These units are available in standard sizes of:

  •  12′
  •  16′
  •  24′


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